Writing Medicine is a creative, interactive hybrid book inspired by The Artist’s Way, Hero with a Thousand Faces, Sacred Contracts, and You Can Heal Your Life -- and my world travels.

Using the 12 monomyth stages of the Hero’s Journey as a spiritual roadmap, the reader becomes:  

  • Inspired and informed by true stories plus content-rich information making the heart-mind connection  
  • Engaged in Your Soul Café’s using the Divine Dialogue Writing System TM to connect with “Archetype Guides” as prompts  
  • Nurtured by the care and feeding of the creative, healing spirit by making sacred appointments for Adventure Activities.  

You'll discover different opportunities around emotional issues for exploring and expanding inner healing. A new “tell-a-vision” appears to celebrate and share about your increased emotional health and well-being. 

It’s called the Journey to Inner Healing--and you are the Hero!

Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain.” 

~ Dr. Carl G. Jung  

Any of these sound familiar? Want to…  

  • Explore emotional challenges to regain confidence?
  • Reframe struggles to get clarity for problem-solving?
  • Learn the Divine Dialogue Writing System TM
  • Practice new spiritual tools? 
  • Release blocks for emotional freedom? 
  • Awaken the Hero within to the joys of inner healing? 
  • Feel better?!  

Writing Medicine is for anyone who...

  • Suffers (or knows someone who does) from emotional pain; One in five Americans suffers annually from mental “dis-ease” costing $57+ billion. 
  • Experiences emotional fatigue; you can trust Lorraine because she knows this suffering—and to heal, she created a sacred community where for 13 years, she’s taught a monthly Divine Dialogue Writing Circle TM
  • Understands depression, anxiety, overwhelm, and stress—the unhappy erosion to the emotional health of millions around the globe.  

Writing Medicine was chosen from 1,700 proposals for a featured panel discussion with Lorraine as moderator and presenter with four others at North America’s largest literary event—the Annual Conference of the Association of Writers and Writing Programs in Portland, Oregon, March 2019.  

“Writing as a dialogue with self is absolutely enriching and transformational! I'm receiving incredible messages from different parts of myself that are bringing me to a beautiful state of peace, release, and renewal." 

~ Jackie Barros Van Campen, Author; Coach & Founder, Wise Heart Within, California  

Your value-added offerings from Writing Medicine could include:

  • Helpful, content-rich interviews 
  • Dynamic keynote speaking 
  • Engaging book readings & signings 
  • Transforming workshops & webinars 
  • Enriching guest blog posts  

  Lorraine Raymond, Bestselling Author  

  • As an award-winning speaker and communicator, she is synthesizer and connector.  
  • As a 33-year seeker and teacher, she is creatress and visionary.  
  • As a world-traveler and coach, she is transformer and intuitive.  

“If you want to explore the desires of your heart, Lorraine’s expert teaching and wisdom allow suspended self-judgment, to look at what makes you create joy for you.” 

~ Sigrid Tidmore, M.A., Fine Artist & Founder, CreativeTapestry, Ecuador & Florida